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Woven lamps from Anna Szczęsna

Lamps are designed with a steel structure and intertwined with multicolored sailing ropes and elastic tapes in specific patterns, paying meticulous attention to detail. Simple and elegant by using resistant polyester tapes and ropes, available in either one, two or various colours, according to the interior design and your taste and imagination.

The lamp shades gave the warm light and reflects the knitted design on the walls of the interior where collocated. Lams are available in different sizes and colors. Each lamp is unique and handmade.

The inspiration came from art crafts, found in different cultures, regions and countries, which use textiles, waved wicker, palm tree leaves or different fiber types. The concept was to use the art crafts techniques and introduce them to the modern language, using resistant materials, to give to the products the durability, quality and make it more resistant